Putting the ‘error’ into tri and error

The lesson has been hard and I hope I have properly learned it. Although not yet completely recovered, I’m able to run again and was able to do the Crystal Palace sprint tri, albeit a bit slowly on the run. My mistake was over-training, mainly by thinking I could go it alone because of theContinue reading “Putting the ‘error’ into tri and error”

The importance of recovery

Ruth is doing Ride London in May, raising funds for Brentford Football Club Community Sports Trust. Donate here. Back in 1987, when I was just 27, I ran the London Marathon in a time of around 3:38. Then the next day, feeling absolutely so energised and on top of the world, I played a hardContinue reading “The importance of recovery”

Beards and Triathlons

This blog is all about a man with a beard who does triathlons.


By Kelly Hargie

Alan Franks

Writer, Musician