The empowered portrait

Nikon Z6:II, f5, 1/1000, ISO 2000, 100/70-300mm. Nikon Z6:II f6.3 1/1000 ISO 2800 116/70-300mm Nikon Z6:II, f5.6, 1/1000, ISO 600, 300/70-300mm The assignment brief was to enable an individual to create their own portrait, resulting in three pix, one in their chosen environment, one closer and one close-up. I am working with London’s parkour communityContinue reading “The empowered portrait”

Stop and return (3)

Mid-week walk through Soho. Produce photographs for a range of specified purposes, analyse and evaluate photographic activity. Working from the reference point of contemporary street photographer Alan Schaller, I made a return visit to Soho, later at night, in an attempt to use a fast 50mm lens with mirrorless full-frame Nikon to capture activity overContinue reading “Stop and return (3)”

Stop and return (2)

Identify camera characteristics in relation to a range of image outcomes. Consider DSLR, exposure, lenses, mirrorless, raw files, jpeg files, editing, Adobe and so on. All images taken with prime 50mm lens on Nikon Z6.II mirrorless full-frame camera, with minimal processing in Photoshop, mainly just a little detail and minor adjustment of levels. Many ofContinue reading “Stop and return (2)”

Stop and Return (1) and (4)

UAL Level 3, Unit 6 1.1 ‘Identify and critically compare contextual perspectives and approaches to photography. Research three famous street photographers and discuss their different contexts and styles.’ Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004) Regarded as the founder of street photography, Henri-Cartier Bresson was born in France. He studied art and was influenced by the emerging surrealist movement.Continue reading “Stop and Return (1) and (4)”

Photography and ‘the last seven pictures’

RHACC UAL Level 3 Photography Module 6. Assignment week one. Ten words that define what photography means to me: Beauty, Place, Street, Nature, Lens, Seeing, Truth, Light, Joy, Capture. Freewrite on one of those words: Capture. Capture sums it up. Capture a moment, a place, a person – a soul – so a precious momentContinue reading “Photography and ‘the last seven pictures’”


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