The empowered portrait

Nikon Z6:II, f5, 1/1000, ISO 2000, 100/70-300mm. Nikon Z6:II f6.3 1/1000 ISO 2800 116/70-300mm Nikon Z6:II, f5.6, 1/1000, ISO 600, 300/70-300mm The assignment brief was to enable an individual to create their own portrait, resulting in three pix, one in their chosen environment, one closer and one close-up. I am working with London’s parkour communityContinue reading “The empowered portrait”

Photography and ‘the last seven pictures’

RHACC UAL Level 3 Photography Module 6. Assignment week one. Ten words that define what photography means to me: Beauty, Place, Street, Nature, Lens, Seeing, Truth, Light, Joy, Capture. Freewrite on one of those words: Capture. Capture sums it up. Capture a moment, a place, a person – a soul – so a precious momentContinue reading “Photography and ‘the last seven pictures’”


By Kelly Hargie

Alan Franks

Writer, Musician