Venturing to Richmond Park

Alan's poem Common Ground was runner-up in a poetry competition, Poems in the Park. Illustrating this poem was one of the most enjoyable assignments to date in this personal photography project I am undertaking, and gave me a chance to practise a few new skills, in post-processing as well as learning more about metering and … Continue reading Venturing to Richmond Park

On Dover beach

My husband Alan Franks and I have begun a new project, The Place of the Poem, and for the first illustrated essay, just published, we went to Dover. Here is a gallery of some of the shots. This was an opportunity to work on landscape and some long-exposure, as well as post-production skills in Photoshop.

Unit 1: Beginners’ night meet-up

Juanita and I went on a beginner's night-time photography class through London Photographic on Meet-Up. We started at Bankside near Tate Modern and moved up the river, finishing at Tower Bridge as the sun finally set. Experimenting with long exposures, ND filter, white balance, light trails. (I put two of these photos on Unsplash)