LO 3, 4 Working with light and dark

LO 1,2,3 Moved by some of the images I saw of the Tower of London's Armistice memorial of 10,000 lights, I went down to have a go myself at photographing this beautiful and powerful display of torchlight. It was pouring with rain, there were hundreds of people grouped at all the best viewing points. So … Continue reading LO 3, 4 Working with light and dark

Unit 1: Beginners’ night meet-up

Juanita and I went on a beginner's night-time photography class through London Photographic on Meet-Up. We started at Bankside near Tate Modern and moved up the river, finishing at Tower Bridge as the sun finally set. Experimenting with long exposures, ND filter, white balance, light trails. (I put two of these photos on Unsplash)