Venturing to Richmond Park

Alan's poem Common Ground was runner-up in a poetry competition, Poems in the Park. Illustrating this poem was one of the most enjoyable assignments to date in this personal photography project I am undertaking, and gave me a chance to practise a few new skills, in post-processing as well as learning more about metering and … Continue reading Venturing to Richmond Park

Term Two: Health and Safety in the Studio

  Electricity and glass can be terrifying and dangerous phenomena. Studio photography is not possible without either. So it is important to know how to use them safely, for legal and personal reasons. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 covers most of the essentials for professional photographers in the workplace. In photography, questions … Continue reading Term Two: Health and Safety in the Studio

Studio and product photography: Flowers

Term two we analysed use of studio lighting in relation to product photography. We made a presentation on a particular photographer. My presentation was on Robert Mapplethorpe, and found his studio work with flowers, both on their own and when photographed with people, incredibly inspiring. Using dark backgrounds and split lighting techniques in the studio … Continue reading Studio and product photography: Flowers