Stop and return (2)

Identify camera characteristics in relation to a range of image outcomes. Consider DSLR, exposure, lenses, mirrorless, raw files, jpeg files, editing, Adobe and so on.

All images taken with prime 50mm lens on Nikon Z6.II mirrorless full-frame camera, with minimal processing in Photoshop, mainly just a little detail and minor adjustment of levels. Many of the photographs represent conscious references to the work of the three artists discussed in the previous post. I generally preferred a fast lens f1.8. This enhances the ‘moment’ and creates a good shallow depth of field which works well with street.

I took both raw images and jpegs. The raw files were in colour but the jpegs in black and white, so it was possible to check light and shade in relations to my preferred references in camera during the shoot, but leaving the option to revert to colour where appropriate. A couple of the better colour images are featured below.

As my final project for the term is in black and white, I have taken the opportunity here in demonstrating understanding of camera systems, to show some colour photographs.

‘George’ in Soho. f 1.8 1/2000 ISO 100.

Day out in Shoreditch. f1.1 1/160 ISO 100

Love locks in Shoreditch. f1.8 1/160 ISO 100.

Channelling Vivian. f1.8 1/80 ISO 100

Mural in Shoreditch. f1.8 1/80 ISO 100

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