Dreams Reality: AC 2.3 (LO1, 2 , 3)


Recently on a brief trip to Singapore, I took the opportunity to visit the iconic ‘Gardens by the Bay’, just to enjoy the beauty but also to explore some technical aspects of photography that these were a perfect place to practise. The sky was grey and overcast but it was still possible to create dynamic pictures using a variety of depths of field, and framing man-made structures interacting with nature, while juxtaposing against it.

While the light was daylight – I was sadly unable to visit at night – I was working while bearing in mind the seminal photographs and film of Vincent Laforet. While I do not have the lenses for tilt-and-shift technique, I was able to practise in these photographs with long depths of field, focusing on a point about a third of the distance away in-lens, to obtain the best possible focus for all aspects of the picture. This is useful in landscape photography, and takes me forward to a project I will be developing in level 3.

Health and safety: This involved taking photographs at great height. Leaning over barriers to get a better shot must be done with great care, both for oneself and also bearing in mind that noone walking below needs a piece of equipment landing on top of them from above. It is important to remember always to keep the camera strap around the neck, and all other equipment properly secured so as to ensure no harm comes to others.

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