LO 3, 4 Working with light and dark

LO 1,2,3

Moved by some of the images I saw of the Tower of London’s Armistice memorial of 10,000 lights, I went down to have a go myself at photographing this beautiful and powerful display of torchlight. It was pouring with rain, there were hundreds of people grouped at all the best viewing points. So this was not an easy assignment. I used 16-85mm lens and edited in photoshop and camera raw to achieve greater contrast between dark and light. In the first pic tried using masks to enhance the sky, but the grey rain meant there was nothing there in the first place to work with, so I just darkened the sky to black instead. In the third pic I left the sky closer to how it appeared IRL. I did this for the blog in preparation for my final assignment for the term, some of which which will be based around light after dark.

Health and safety issues were at a premium. It was pouring with rain, windy and there were thousands of people milling around. I had a tripod but the barrier was high and it was difficult to find a vantage point. Meanwhile traffic was whizzing past at quite a speed. Climbing walls to get a better shot was not an option! I also had to respect the rights of others to a good view and not get in their way with my equipment, or hog the space once I did find one.

I knew I wanted my final assignment to be Christmas at Kew, a local landmark where the light display at night is beautiful, so this was an opportunity to practise photographing light at night in difficult, crowded conditions like those that were certain to pertain at Kew.

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