LO 1,2 Aperture priority, different focal lengths


I had to do some photography for work. This was a good opportunity to practise the use of histograms and work with different focus lengths. For ease of working, I just used one zoom lens 16-85mm throughout the event ( which I also had to video), and used aperture priority for speed and ease of working.  I used Raw and Photoshop for processing. The portrait of Prof Eamon Duffy, bottom, the main speaker at the event, was processed with Camera Raw and then with Photoshop tools. The rest were mainly Camera Raw but I used PhotoShop to straighten some of the other pix with a precise rotation. The set I used for work can be seen here.

This involved health and safety, as it was a private event taking place in a private home that is sometime open to the castle. Permission had to be given to take photographs, and they had to be taken in a non-intrusive way. Respect had to be shown at all times to Arundel Castle staff, and all those being photographed, while attempting to work effectively. Some people at the reception did not wish to be photographed, so I immediately withdrew when that became apparent. Often this was not stated explicitly so it was important to be empathetic to people’s wishes.

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