Unit 1: theme work


Painting with light in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern. Theme work on light, reflections, shadows. The Turbine Hall is currently occupied by the Danish collective Superflex. A giant playground, for photographers as well as grown-up kids! Intense spotlights create strong shadows from the swings, and also provide pportunities to ‘paint with light’. The giant mirror ball swinging overhead the stripes carpet works with light balance effects, exposure compensation, zoom and distorted reflection. (I’m one of the dots in the middle of the first and last photos, lying on the floor, shooting up!) Even ordinary fluorescent lights offer similar creative opportunities. Working with shadows, exposure compensation of +2 achieved the best results. The mirror ball was ‘blue’ with negative and automatic WB, ‘orange’ with 0 ev and fluorescent WB. To achieve the light effects, I didn’t move the lights – I moved the camera. 3″ exposure and the smallest aperture (16) my 50mm prime lens can achieve.

Below: Practising with depth of field, composition (leading lines, rule of thirds etc), reflections, balance in the permanent exhibits on the fourth and second floors of Tate Modern


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