Unit 1 Unit 2: bulb setting, manual

Out playing Pokémon Go with London’s Team Mystic leader Atiq (left), Caroline (top) and Valor’s Jay (red hat). Experimenting with depth of field, focus and manual settings, close-ups and a group pic. Trying to capture a feel for the passion and fun of something that brings to life virtual and augmented reality through traditional video gaming technique via the small entity of a mobile phone. This is an AR game that to be played properly necessitates huge amounts of exercise in the open air while cooperating with other individuals IRL.






Experimenting with depth of field and composition with spring daffodils in Kew Gardens for use in an article about Mothering Sunday. (Mewtwo snuck in there somehow. AR pic on mobile, unlike all the others taken on D5200)






Bishop Anthony Poggo, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s adviser for Anglican Communion Affairs. These photos were taken for use in  an article about South Sudan and DRC.




Homework tasks: Revising previous two weeks.

Aperture priority: Choose aperture according to depth of field. Low aperture for fast shutter speed. If shutter speed too slow, increase ISO

Manual: Choose aperture according to depth of field. Adjust light meter to change shutter speed. Difference is that on AP, camera decides shutter speed. Now you have to do it, using light metre.

Exploring the best way of using manual settings: Point camera at subject being photographed and light metre the subject. Whether that is a person, the grass or the sky. Landscape photography- aperture 16 but will then need a tripod! Never increase ISO. Shutter speeds – lowest is 30s – “=seconds

Bulb setting : use finger to open and close the release shutter. Remote shutter release device. Bulb setting – auto focus then switch to manual. F16. 3s – people move in and out of shot – cover camera while they move. (Still to do – check out time lapse pix.)


Experiment with bulb setting. A bit of a way to go here, I fear. I think my mistake was to keep it on auto focus and to forget to switch back to manual focus after setting the picture up. The other lesson I learned was battery. The thing ran out half way through the last shoot (playing pogo) and some great shots were lost. I didn’t realise until I got home and found the last 20 or so pics had not saved to the SD card. In future – keep a closer eye on where battery levels are, and change to the spare before it seems necessary.

Thank you Caroline for your patience in posing for this pic, I will try and do better next time.

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