Unit 1: manual


This week we worked on:

Focus – raise ISO for faster shutter speed for sharper focus.

If use image stabiliser/vibration reduction, turn off when using tripod. Or camera will compensate for something that’s not happening.

Look at how camera focuses, and where camera focuses


AF-S – (Single – locks focus on one object. Use this to focus then recompose)

AF-A Auto selected by camera

AF-C (continuous – camera follows object – eg refocuses on a person or animal coming towards you.)

Where the camera focuses. ie focusing point.

Can also use single point setting (next to AFS) and move little red sq around w ok menu button to change the focus point

Manual settings

Choose aperture according to

  • depth of field , small f no for shallow
  • Movement / shutter speed. Small f no for fast shutter speeds
  • If you want to freeze the motion and shutter speed is slow – raise the ISO.

On manual, wheel changes shutter speed. Wheel w +/- button changes aperture

Use light metre through view finder.- : -….0….+ – get line under 0 using shutter speed wheel.  Then perfect exposure.

Take pic – see if want brighter or darker pic. Change one of three settings depending on what are achieve – f no, shutter speed or ISO


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